Leaning On A Lamppost – George Formby – BANJOLELE COVER


Now here’s something a bit different – deep in the old JPR archives in a dark little corner, an old film reel was discovered. Long thought lost it revealed itself to be an incredibly early incarnation of the now popular Cover Video. The reel, despite being in black and white and scratched all over, still plays and now for the first time this video is being made public…

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City Of Stars – LA LA LAND Cover

Well here we are again, another week – another video. Here’s my cover of City Of Stars, that’s right another La La Land cover!

You guys have been asking for a cover of this for a while and I’d always planned on making one. Then Lionsgate announced a competition where they wanted to see people’s covers of City Of Stars to celebrate the release of La La Land on DVD. I couldn’t exactly ignore that opportunity so it’s been all hands on deck (in an already pretty busy week) to film, record, edit and release the video. Continue reading

ODDS ARE – Barenaked Ladies COVER


This week I’m taking a break from recording in the studio. This was intended to be a more acoustic video but somehow I ended up adding more and more instruments into the mix.

The Barenaked Ladies have been one of my favourite bands for a while now and my all time favourite song of theirs has to be Odds Are! It’s so upbeat and catchy that I couldn’t resist recording a cover of it! Continue reading

MARCH VIDEOS – Monthly Rundown!

Can you believe it? I’ve been making weekly videos for a whole month and I’ve got no signs of stopping soon! Since it’s a lot to take in it’s understandable if you missed one of my videos so here’s a quick rundown of all the videos I released in March. Now would be the perfect time to catch up!


My weekly video challenge got off to a great start with the release of Ed Sheeran’s brand new album Divide. I chose to record a version of Perfect – one of the new songs on the album – which I managed to release less than 24 hours after the original was released. This song has a slight 50s vibe to it so I was in my element and I even managed to sneak in an accordion to the intro! Continue reading

I’M IN A FEATURE FILM! (And I got to go to the World Premiere)


This week I’m taking a break from the cover songs and music videos to tell you about one of the cool things I’ve been up to recently. As you’ve probably guessed from the title of this post, I’m in a feature film! Somebody actually put me in a proper film that’s in cinemas and everything!

All in all I only did a few days of filming so it’s not like I have a huge part, but it was great to be involved with all the same. Surprisingly, despite only having a very small part, I got invited to the world premiere of the film at the Odeon in Leicester Square last week! As it’s a small British independent film I assumed it would be a fairly low key event and the world premiere would actually be more of a private screening for the cast and crew. I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived though, to find that all the stops had been pulled out for the event and I even ended up on the Red Carpet! (Well it was a blue carpet but you get the idea)

This week’s video is more of a Vlog where I’ll be talking all about the premiere and sharing some stories from the set during filming – namely the odd looks you get being dressed in costume as a Nazi while filming on location and also the troubles of getting to your hotel late at night on a Sunday in the middle of nowhere!

For those interested the film is called Another Mother’s Son and is a World War II drama about the Nazi invasion of Jersey and the Channel Islands. It’s based on the true story of Louisa Gould who took in and hid a Russian prisoner of war on the island who managed to escape from the Germans. It’s out in cinemas today (24th March 2017) and  really recommend you see it if you can – and I’m not just saying that because I’m in it!

Perfect Summer Day – LIVE

Hey everyone, cast your minds back to early August and you may remember  played a headline set at WoofStock Festival. You may also remember that we filmed and streamed the entire show live on YouTube and now I have some of the glorious footage to share with you all.

So here’s my live performance of Perfect Summer Day from my set in wonderful HD! I’m hoping to be able to share more songs in the future in one way or another but I just couldn’t wait to show you this little snippet!


If you want to see me play live then good news is just around the corner as I’ll be announcing some gigs very soon!