PERFECT SUMMER DAY – Official Music Video!

Here’s the Official Music Video for my song Perfect Summer Day!

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Hey guys, I’m very pleased to be able to present to you my new music video! Perfect Summer Day is one of the songs from my latest EP “Regeneration” and I realised I hadn’t made a music video for any of the songs yet. Since we had such a lovely summer recently I took the opportunity to film a little video for Perfect Summer Day in the hope of extending the that Summer feeling for a little bit longer.

If you like this song and want to support me, here’s where you can download it…

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Special thanks also to my friend Charlotte Peak for appearing in the video!

Over And Out – Official Music Video

There comes a point in every journey where you realise your not just starting out anymore. You’ve been on the road for a while, you’re a bit more clear of what your doing and how to survive. Continue reading

It Wouldn’t Be Christmas – Availble On iTunes

It Wouldn't Be Christmas


Last year, you may remember that I released a single titled It Wouldn’t Be Christmas for the festive season. The song was released alongside an Official Music Video on my YouTube Channel and went down incredibly well.

In fact, the song was so well received that I had people telling me how much they liked it while I was doing promo for the re-release of A New View… which was in April. Not bad for a Christmas song.

Well today I’m incredibly excited to announce that It Wouldn’t Be Christmas is now available to download from iTunes! As I’m sure you can imagine this is a big move for me, it’s a major step for any unsigned artist to get their music onto a big service such as iTunes and I’m incredibly excited to have achieved this goal.

The music video will still be available to watch but if you enjoyed listening to It Wouldn’t Be Christmas in the past, please consider downloading it to help support me on my journey as an unsigned musician. If this goes well then it’s likely that more of my music will be made available like this in the future.

Additionally the single is also available to download from the Amazon Digital Store and CDBaby as well as a few other services if you don’t happen to use iTunes.

Thank You so much for your support and have a very Merry Christmas.

In The End – Official Music Video

Here’s my latest music video featuring songs from my Debut EP. Here’s the Official Music Video for my Original Song ‘In The End’, one of the Bonus Tracksfrom my Debut EP ‘A New View’. Seeing as we’ve been having such good weather reccently I decided to head outdoors to make use of the sunshine for this video. Also my Beagle puppy Freddie decided to get in on the action a few times!
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A New View – Official Music Video – An Epic LEGO Stop Motion Adventure!

Here is the Music Video for A New View, the title track from my Debut EP! Watch now to see the story of A New View told through the art of stop motion using LEGO! Continue reading