PERFECT SUMMER DAY – Official Music Video!

Here’s the Official Music Video for my song Perfect Summer Day!

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Hey guys, I’m very pleased to be able to present to you my new music video! Perfect Summer Day is one of the songs from my latest EP “Regeneration” and I realised I hadn’t made a music video for any of the songs yet. Since we had such a lovely summer recently I took the opportunity to film a little video for Perfect Summer Day in the hope of extending the that Summer feeling for a little bit longer.

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Special thanks also to my friend Charlotte Peak for appearing in the video!

Where Do We Stand on Surrey Hills Radio

Hey everyone,

I’ve been informed that last week Where Do We Stand, the first track from my new EP Regeneration, was played on Surrey Hills Radio! The song made it’s debut radio air play at the end of the first hour of “Transmission”, the station’s dedicated program to finding and showcasing new music.

Although I tweeted about it at the time I’m aware that not everybody was able to tune in. But good news, the archived program is now available for everyone to listen to, so click the widget above to listen to the show anytime.

My section starts at around 55 mins and 30 secs if you want to skip ahead. And if you like the song please do consider Downloading it on iTunes or directly from my Website!

Save The Last Dance For Me – 2016 Tour!


Great news everyone – I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll be returning to Save The Last Dance For Me to reprise the role of Donny and to play Trumpet with the band! As many of you may know, I was originally part of the show three years ago in 2013 so it’s wonderful to have been asked back to play the role again. It’s possibly my favourite of all the shows I;ve worked on so coming back was an absolute no-brainer. Continue reading

Over And Out – Official Music Video

There comes a point in every journey where you realise your not just starting out anymore. You’ve been on the road for a while, you’re a bit more clear of what your doing and how to survive. Continue reading

Adventure Of A Lifetime – COLDPLAY COVER

Coldplay are back with a brand new album, surprise! It’s called A Head Full Of Dreams and last week they released the first single from album called Adventure Of A Lifetime. Well you know me, as soon as I heard the song I immediately set about learning it and recording a cover of it! Continue reading

Johnny B. Goode COVER – Back To The Future DAY – 30th Anniversary

GREAT SCOTT!!! It’s October 21st 2015 – the day that Marty, Jennifer and the Doc go to when they travel to the future in their time travelling Delorean! Continue reading

A History Of Everything – AKA The Big Bang Theory (Theme Tune)

Here’s another snippet from my set at the Scribe&Chime event from a few weeks ago. This is my cover of a song by The Barenaked Ladies called History Of Everything but it’s more commonly known as the theme tune to a TV Show called The Big Bang Theory!

Continue reading