PERFECT SUMMER DAY – Official Music Video!

Here’s the Official Music Video for my song Perfect Summer Day!

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Hey guys, I’m very pleased to be able to present to you my new music video! Perfect Summer Day is one of the songs from my latest EP “Regeneration” and I realised I hadn’t made a music video for any of the songs yet. Since we had such a lovely summer recently I took the opportunity to film a little video for Perfect Summer Day in the hope of extending the that Summer feeling for a little bit longer.

If you like this song and want to support me, here’s where you can download it…

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Special thanks also to my friend Charlotte Peak for appearing in the video!



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I’m absolutely thrilled to announce the Regeneration Tour – a series of live date over the Summer featuring me and my wonderful band!  Continue reading

Where Do We Stand on Surrey Hills Radio

Hey everyone,

I’ve been informed that last week Where Do We Stand, the first track from my new EP Regeneration, was played on Surrey Hills Radio! The song made it’s debut radio air play at the end of the first hour of “Transmission”, the station’s dedicated program to finding and showcasing new music.

Although I tweeted about it at the time I’m aware that not everybody was able to tune in. But good news, the archived program is now available for everyone to listen to, so click the widget above to listen to the show anytime.

My section starts at around 55 mins and 30 secs if you want to skip ahead. And if you like the song please do consider Downloading it on iTunes or directly from my Website!


Regeneration Cover Art.jpg

Hi Everyone,

So after a few years of hard work I am so happy to finally present you with my brand new EP Regeneration. The EP is currently available to download directly from My Website as well as major distributors like iTunesGoogle Play, Spotify and Apple Music.

In case you haven’t been able to tell in the build up to this release, I’m really proud of these songs and I’m so glad that I’m now able to share them with you all. I also have to say a massive Thank You to Samantha Dorrance, Alex James Ellison and Al Howell who all gave me their time, talent and enthusiasm to make an appearance in one way or another on the EP. Continue reading

Featured Artists On Regeneration!



The release of my new EP “Regeneration” is less than a week away but before you finally get to listen to all the tracks I still have a couple more surprises up my sleeve.

I’ve been keeping this under my hat for a while but I’m really excited to tell you that Regeneration will feature collaborations with some incredible artists. Continue reading

Regeneration – Release Date and Artwork!

Regeneration Cover Art.jpeg


10th March 2016

That’s the official release date for my long awaited second EP ‘Regeneration’ along with it’s fantastic cover art! That means the EP will be out in less than a month’s time, so make sure you keep an eye on my Twitter and Facebook for lots of sneak peaks ahead of the release.

EP Update! VLOG

Hi everyone, so this is my first attempt at filming a Vlog! It’s definitely not as easy as it looks and it took me three attempts to get right. I have a bit of an Update regarding my upcoming EP “Regeneration” and rather than write out a big long Blog Post for my website, I figured it would be much easier (and more fun) to film a Vlog and tell you face to face… or rather face to screen. Continue reading