SAY WHAT YOU WANT – Barenaked Ladies COVER

After the success of my cover of Odds Are (another of my favourite Barenaked Ladies songs) I thought it would be a good idea to release my own take of a another of the band’s songs. Continue reading


PERFECT – Ed Sheeran Cover – Divide

Hi everyone, I’m back with another cover and since Ed Sheehan released his brand new album Divide today, I decided to have a crack at recording one of the new songs.

The song I decided on was Perfect, partly because Ed himself said it was one of his favourites on the album but also because I really liked the 60’s vibe this song has once it gets going! Given that I’ve toured in a multitude of 60’s shows over the last few years, that experience really came in handy when it came to putting together a cover like this with such a tight turnaround.

This video will also mark the start of my weekly updates – YAAAY!!! Continue reading

Johnny B. Goode COVER – Back To The Future DAY – 30th Anniversary

GREAT SCOTT!!! It’s October 21st 2015 – the day that Marty, Jennifer and the Doc go to when they travel to the future in their time travelling Delorean! Continue reading