All I Can Think About Is You – COLDPLAY COVER (Kaleidoscope EP)

Coldplay have released yet another song from their upcoming Kaleidoscope EP and naturally I set about recording my own one man band cover of it! All I Can Think About Is You starts off with a lovely little understated bass and guitar riff before exploding with piano and strings all over the place. It almost feels like two different songs but both sections have a distinct summer vibe about them! Continue reading

Regeneration – Summer Tour Roundup!


Hey everyone!

I hope you’ve been having an amazing Summer so far. As you may know I recently did a short stint of playing at some awesome festivals with my band. If you came along to one of those shows then Thank You! I hope you had as much as we did up on stage.

If you weren’t able to make it this time round then let me tell you about some of the fun we got up to… Continue reading

Vote For Our Duet Video!

YRGAHOM Thumnail

Click Here To Vote For Our Duet!

So you may remember a few months back I recorded a Ukulele Cover of ‘You Really Got A Hold On Me’ as a duet with the wonderful Chloe Edwards-Woods. Well I’m pleased to say that the video has been entered into Music Room’s Duet Challenge and you can help us out by voting for our video and sharing it with your friends! Continue reading

A New View – Bonus Tracks

2 Days

As you may know by now, I’m re-releasing my debut EP ‘A New View’ as a fully remastered edition for 2015. As I mentioned in my initial announcement, as well as the four songs that were originally on the EP, this new version will have two brand new bonus tracks that have never been heard before. Today I’m very pleased to be able to share with you the names of those new songs:

1.) A New View (REMIX)

2.) In The End

So there you are, go forth and speculate as to what they might sound like. I’m particularly excited about them because they’re unlike anything I’ve released before. Also while I’m at it, here is the special artwork for the bonus tracks which is based on the original cover art for the EP:

A New View Bonus Tracks Artwork

Remember, there are only two days to go until A New View: Remastered is released so don’t forget to get your Free Download when it comes out!

Guildford: Opening Night, Fly Bars and Birthdays


So we’re at the end of our first week and what a week it has been. It initially all started at The Playhouse Theatre in London which was our main rehearsal space and home to the West End production of Dreamboats And Petticoats. Usually rehearsal processes can be difficult because you don’t have any set to work with. Instead you’ll get a chair and a rough explanation of what piece of scenery is moving behind you. However by working on the set of the West End show it allowed us to get more of an idea of where everything was and how long various movements would take. So on Monday morning the cast all arrived at the theatre and we did a very rough run of the entire show before all getting on a train and heading up to Guildford. Continue reading