Another Day Of Sun – LA LA LAND Cover!

ANOTHER DAY OF SUN – a La La Land ukulele cover!


Oh hey! Look, I made another La La Land themed cover! As my previous La La Land videos have gone down so well with you guys I thought it was about time I recorded another cover from everybody’s favourite movie musical. Since the song is called Another Day Of Sun it seemed only right to film it outdoors in the sunshine – I just managed to sneak it in before Summer disappears entirely!

Another Day Of Sun is the opening song of La La Land and when I first heard the song I immediately thought it would make a great cover.It works really well as a Ukulele Cover since it’s different from the original version of Another Day Of Sun but still retains enough of it’s spirit to be easily recognisable.

As with my “Someone In The Crowd” La La Land Cover I’ve pulled out all the stops and crammed as many instruments into this cover, and for those who have been watching my cover videos for a while you’ll be pleased to know that the trumpet twins make a return in this video!

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