6/10 – Dodie Clark (Male Cover)


For those that don’t know, Dodie Clark is a Musician/YouTuber who, in my opinion writes some truly incredible songs – how she’s not more well known is a mystery to me. Earlier this year I released a cover of She – another of her songs – and ever since I’ve intended to record more covers of her original music. Recently Dodie released the single version of her song 6/10 (which is quite possibly my favourite of all her songs) as part of the build up for her next EP You.

I absolutely love listening to this new version of this song with it’s soaring strings and epic harmonies. I knew I wanted to record my own version of 6/10 but I’m not that great with stringed instruments… brass instruments on the other hand are my forte (pun intended!)

So here’s a male cover of 6/10 by Dodie Clark with some lovely horn parts which I’m really quite proud of. (By the way, I’m well aware I got some of the lyrics wrong. Basically I’m an idiot and for some reason I decided to record this at late at night at the end of a very long week!)

I do hope you enjoy watching and listening to this video and don’t forget to go and check out Dodie Clark if you’re not already familiar with her. In the meantime, make sure you Subscribe and Leave A Comment if you have an idea for a future cover video!

Have a great day 🙂


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