All I Can Think About Is You – COLDPLAY COVER (Kaleidoscope EP)

Coldplay have released yet another song from their upcoming Kaleidoscope EP and naturally I set about recording my own one man band cover of it! All I Can Think About Is You starts off with a lovely little understated bass and guitar riff before exploding with piano and strings all over the place. It almost feels like two different songs but both sections have a distinct summer vibe about them!

For those of you living in the UK you’ll know we had some pretty astonishing weather this week known as “Summer”. Since it doesn’t happen all that often I packed up my gear and filmed this week’s cover song out in my sunny garden! I hope you like the change of scenery, if the weather holds out hopefully I’ll be able to do more covers out here.

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Check out my other Coldplay Covers here:


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