Leaning On A Lamppost – George Formby – BANJOLELE COVER


Now here’s something a bit different – deep in the old JPR archives in a dark little corner, an old film reel was discovered. Long thought lost it revealed itself to be an incredibly early incarnation of the now popular Cover Video. The reel, despite being in black and white and scratched all over, still plays and now for the first time this video is being made public…

Most people think George Formby played a ukulele but most of the time he actually played a Banjolele – a sort of hybrid of both banjo and ukulele. I’ve had my own Banjolele for a while now and I’ve always wanted to make a video featuring it properly – so of course it had to be a George Formby song!

Leaning On A Lamppost is a classic George Formby song and also features in the musical Me & My Girl too. I wanted to record this song in a similar style to how it would have been performed back in the 1930’s with a fairly simple yet effective arrangement. Having the banjolele – George Formby’s instrument of choice – was incredibly useful in really selling the style and sound of the cover! I hope you enjoy the little split screen effect in this video too – I’ve got lots of ideas of how to use it in future videos.

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