City Of Stars – LA LA LAND Cover

Well here we are again, another week – another video. Here’s my cover of City Of Stars, that’s right another La La Land cover!

You guys have been asking for a cover of this for a while and I’d always planned on making one. Then Lionsgate announced a competition where they wanted to see people’s covers of City Of Stars to celebrate the release of La La Land on DVD. I couldn’t exactly ignore that opportunity so it’s been all hands on deck (in an already pretty busy week) to film, record, edit and release the video.

I did originally want to do this as a duet but because I had to make the video as soon as possible for the competition that wasn’t something I had time to arrange. That said I have made up for it by spicing up the song with a little trumpet solo. I’d still quite like to do a cover of the duet version at some point in the future too so maybe that’ll still happen.

You may also notice that, because the competition specified the video had to be two minutes or less, I had to cut down the song a little bit. Not sure I understand the logic of asking people to cover a three minute song in two minutes, but there you go.

So that’s all for this week. Things are very hectic right now with something I’m working on. I’ll be posting a blog about what it is I’m working on later in the week but until then I’ll have to leave you guessing.

Have a great weekend everyone!


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