APRIL VIDEOS – Monthly Catch Up!

April is over, the May Bank Holiday is here and it appears the sun is popping up more frequently too! Since you have an extra day off this week, today is a perfect opportunity to catch-up on any videos of mine that you may have missed in April… and if you’ve already seen them, well why not watch them again!

1.) START A FIRE – La La Land & John Legend COVER

After the success of my Someone In The Crowd cover, lots of people were asking me to cover more songs from La La Land. I was only too happy to oblige. John Legend makes a couple of appearances in the film, most notably when he sings Start A Fire a great catchy pop song which you’re supposed to hate but we all love really.



Not only is YouTube sensation Emma Blackery a successful vlogger, she’s also a successful musician in her own right as well! In the build up to the release of her new EP Magnetised, Emma released the single Nothing Without You and boy it’s good! I heard the song and immediately set about recording my own version of the song – adding in a brass section to give it my own JPR spin, much to Emma’s delight!


3.) ODDS ARE – Barenaked Ladies COVER

Barenaked Ladies have to be one of my favourite bands and Odds Are is one of my favourite songs so this was bound to happen sooner or later. Getting out of the studio again and filming in my bedroom was nice for a change and also gave the video a slightly more acoustic feel which I love. Thanks to Barenaked Ladies who were kind enough to retweet my cover on Twitter!

4.) PURE IMAGINATION – Gene Wilder COVER (Charlie & The Chocolate Factory)

Finally, after an incredible month filled with upbeat pop songs let’s bring things down a bit with a softer more intimate video. Pure Imagination is a beautiful song which I’ve been performing at acoustic gigs for a while. This started out as a simple one track cover but somehow ended up getting bigger and bigger until I had both a flugelhorn and a glockenspiel making an appearance!


And that’s it for April guys! I hope you’ve had fun watching (or re-watching) and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel if you’re not already.


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