SHE – Dodie Clark (Doddle Oddle) COVER


Hey folks!

After last week’s Vlog I definitely wanted to get back to making music, so today I present to you my cover of She originally by Dodie Clark.

I first discovered Dodie (also known as Doddle Oddle) a few years ago while searching around YouTube for new and under the radar artists. While you may still not have heard of her, since then she’s built up a massive following and one which she quite rightly deserves too. I honestly I wouldn’t be surprised if she becomes a household name at some point.

I think She was the second video of her’s I watched and I instantly fell in love with the song. The simplicity of the chords and the way the lyrics complimented them was amazing. I always knew I wanted to have a go at recording a cover of it and – after talking myself out of it several times – here is the finished result!

I’ve been aware that lately all my videos have been shot in my studio. While that’s pretty cool, I think it’s good to have a change every once in a while, so – like last week when I uploaded a Vlog – this week I changed things up again by making a video in my bedroom. She seemed like the perfect song to try this with given Dodie Clark’s humble bedroom beginnings. It’s also a much more stripped back and intimate arrangement than my usual videos so bringing it out of the studio seems to have worked well.

In future (assuming you don’t all hate this!) I plan on filming a few more videos in my bedroom. These will generally be more stripped back, acoustic and rough and ready style covers (and perhaps Vlogs too) to give you a change from the epic studio covers every week! If I get time I’ll write a little blog post sometime next week about this in more depth and my experience of doing weekly videos on YouTube… but only if I’m not too busy making next week’s video for you!

Enjoy 🙂


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