15, 000 Views!

EDIT: Since writing the video is now at 30,000 Views. You guys are just incredible!

I’ve not been that active on social media lately, for some very good (and not particularly exciting) reasons which I’ll get into in another blog post perhaps, but today I just wanted to take a moment to say Thank You. 

Thank You, to each and everyone one of you who has watched my cover of Someone In The Crowd from La La Land. I never make videos with the intent of getting lots of views but it’s nice when they do and it would be only right to mention it here because it’s the one thing I can’t control. I do everything I can to make my videos interesting from choosing a great song, making a cool arrangement right down to the lighting and the editing of the video itself to make it as good as it can possibly be – but I can’t force people to enjoy them. I can only put it out in public and hope that people will care enough to watch it.

I never predicted that this cover would end up getting so many views. Honestly I thought it was a catchy song from a movie I liked and figured I’d indulge myself in covering it even if no-one else was interested. The fact that so many of you have watched it and told me in the comments and on social media how much you enjoyed it is fantastic and I’m so glad you gave up a few minutes of your time to watch me prat about in my studio with a load of instruments. I’m over the moon that I was able to entertain you for those few minutes, so if I put a smile on your face and brightened up you day a little then as far as I’m concerned, job well done.

So a big Thank You to ever single one of you who have watched and shared this silly little video of mine. You’re all individually awesome.

Thanks 🙂


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