I’ll Be Home For Christmas – XMAS COVER

Merry Christmas everyone! As the holidays draw ever closer I’m back with yet another festive cover song making this my 10th Christmas Video!

This time I’ve put together a laid back cover of I’ll Be Home For Christmas, an old Christmas classic originally recorded by Bing Crosby and also covered by Frank Sinatra, Michael Bublé, Kelly Clarkson, Doris Day and now me.

FUN FACT: This song was originally banned by the BBC in the UK because they were worried it would lower morale among the British Troops posted overseas during the festive season.

I do hope you enjoy this little Christmas Cover and if you’re feeling in the festive spirit please take a moment to Subscribe and give the video a Like on YouTube. Also, don’t forget to leave me a comment if you want to suggest another song for me to cover or just say Hi.

You might also enjoy my original Christmas Song: It Wouldn’t Be Christmas, which is currently available on iTunes: http://apple.co/2gHHjBv

Thanks for watching and have a very Merry Christmas!


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