YouTube Rebrand!


I first signed up to YouTube almost 10 years ago… 10 years!!! Where has the time gone. A lot has changed over the years and I think it’s about time my Channel reflected those changes.

Originally, my main focus was making short films and I used YouTube as a public broadcaster to get my films out to the general public. The films were made under the banner of my production company Dulwich Studios and so naturally it made sense to name the Channel this as well. Nowadays the focus has shifted more from the short films and more over towards my own music career. While I still want to continue shooting films (in fact I have plans for something later this year) its hard to deny the fact that, thanks to being on tour most of the time, Dulwich Studios hasn’t actually released anything since Stars Of The Future – the web series we made in 2011.

Instead the Dulwich Studios YouTube Channel has been filled with my cover songs, the music videos for my original music and every so often my Vlogs. This of course is fine, it is MY Channel after all, but listing it all under the name Dulwich Studios is starting to seem a bit silly. Also, since I’ve started touring I’ve been pretty lazy with the overall look and upkeep of the Channel. I’m not exactly pleased with the shoddy logo or the grainy banner image that I put in place a few years ago. I initially put them up as a temporary measure and never got round to changing them.
As a result I’m going to do a fairly drastic reboot of my Channel this Summer. I’ll be changing the name to match all my other social media profiles and creating brand new images for all the branding. This will likely spill across onto my Website and Twitter/Facebook pages too in order to keep everything looking the same. Once I’ve got the rebrand done I’ll be looking to start releasing videos weekly – which is something I’ve been talking about doing for a while now. I’ve actually got several videos already finished with a few more waiting to be edited and even more in the pipeline to be filmed so hopefully there’s going to be no shortage of content.
In order to keep up with the mammoth task of releasing a new video every week I’ll be releasing different types of videos: Studio Covers, Acoustic Covers and Vlogs. These different types of video will not only help keep things interesting by shaking up the content that’s released on a weekly basis, but it’ll also make it much easier to dedicate time for filming and editing. For example, I can film 4 Vlogs in a single day but one of the Studio Covers might end up taking me a week to complete.
While this is all very exciting, it’s probably worth noting that Dulwich Studios isn’t going anywhere either. The Channel will be renamed but the short films will remain public. In fact the Dulwich Studios website will be getting a bit of a rebrand of it’s own some point further down the road too. Any short films I make will still be made under the umbrella of Dulwich Studios, but since studio is essentially just ME nowadays, it makes much more sense to bring the Channel in line with vast majority of the content that I’ll be releasing.
It is sad in a way to be changing over and shifting the focus away from Dulwich Studios. As I said, this is something I started up as a teenager and poured a lot of hard work and energy into. However times change and while I’ve resisted changing with them for a while now, it makes sense in the long run. Dulwich Studios will still be there and will continue to pop up from time to time, but the main focus of the Channel will revolve more around my own work.
So now that’s all out in the open you can expect to see some changes happening over on my YouTube Channel in the coming weeks. In the meantime what sort of content do you want me to be creating? Have any ideas or thoughts? Then please let me know by leaving a comment below or giving me a shout on Facebook or Twitter.

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