Bare Necessities – Cover Video

Who doesn’t love a good Disney cover. The Jungle Book is a classic Disney cartoon and with the release of the new live action version of the film, it seemed like a good time to record a cover of the Bare Necessities!

I’ve tried something a little different with this video so rather than recording in my studio I went for a more acoustic arrangement of the song -Voice, Ukulele, Bass and Cajon. Instead of having to rely on my studio I was able to record with a more portable setup, which meant I was able to film in a different location. In this instance I opted for my bedroom but in the future this means I’ll be able to film and record high quality cover videos for you while I’m on tour throughout the Summer.

This was very much a test but I think it turned out incredibly well so you can expect to see more of these stripped back covers filmed in different locations in the future. That doesn’t mean that my big Studio covers are going away anytime soon, but by switching between the two different types of videos I’ll hopefully be able to keep things interesting and have videos come out more regularly for you guys.

In the meantime, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and don’t forget to follow me on Twitter, Facebook and Subscribe to my YouTube Channel!


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