MARVEL Vs DC Comics – A Superhero Showdown!

You may know that one of my favourite things in this world is Superhero Movies – in fact I love them so much that I even made my own once. In recent years they’ve really exploded into the mainstream audience and now every year the big film releases usually multiple superhero movies.

There are two giants when it comes to superhero movies: MARVEL and DC Comics, but which is better? Well since Batman Vs Superman and Captain America: Civil War are both about to hit the box office (and are both superhero movies that pitt allies against each other) I figured I’d put these two franchises together to see who comes out on top… at least in my opinion.

Check out the video or keep on reading below for a quick summary of my thoughts…

DC, in my opinion, is the weaker of the two. They had a great run with Christopher Nolan’s  Dark Knight Trilogy (which are some of my favourite Superhero movies) but since then it feels like they’ve been playing catch up to MARVEL. Man Of Steel felt like it was also set in the same universe as The Dark Knight Trilogy – understandable since they were running the trailers for it before The Dark Knight Rises and it had Christopher Nolan attached to it as a Producer. But clearly that’s not the case since they’ve now introduced a new Batman into this universe.

Going straight from The Dark Knight Trilogy into Man Of Steel which is then followed by Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and Suicide Squad (which will both presumably tie into the upcoming Justice League films) feels very clunky. Batman V Superman seems very much to be a stepping stone so that Warner Brothers and DC can introduce all their major characters as quickly as possible to get to the Justice League. Clearly they’ve seen the success that MARVEL have had with the Avengers and want to get in on the action.

In comparison MARVEL have had a pretty steady build up over the years. They gave each of their characters a stand alone movie before even thinking about the Avengers and by building up the anticipation and story over time, when the Avengers film finally came along it felt like a real event.

MARVEL have been playing the long game, they’ve stuck to their cinematic universe for years now gradually building things up, tying story lines together and creating a huge story that viewers can get lost in. DC on the other hand seem to be throwing everything they’ve got at us right now in an attempt to make up for lost time. Batman V Superman sounds like the title of a 2 minute YouTube video, not a 2 hour feature film.

It’s not all good for MARVEL though, Guardians Of The Galaxy hasn’t really crossed over with the main set of characters yet. For a while I thought they were setting up Hulk to crossover with them in their sequel, thus bringing them into the main story, but instead it appears he’s going to make an appearance in the next Thor film.

They could also have a possible misstep when they introduce Spiderman in Captain America: Civil War too. It’s great that MARVEL have the film rights back to Spiderman but it feels like they’re throwing him into Civil War as an afterthought because they’ve just got the rights back.

Rather than add him into what I imagine will already be a complicated and busy plot, I personally think it would be better to add him into the universe later down the line. It would be a great move for MARVEL to save the character of Spiderman until a bit later especially since we’re already running into their B-Stock of characters. (I’m also not a fan of him being a teenager – I know that’s how it is in the comics but I’m not sure how well it’ll translate to screen – but that’s just my personal opinion)

MARVEL are playing a delicate game. They’ve done incredibly well to build up such an epic and well-loved universe. But as that universe gets bigger any missteps they do experience have the potential to do more damage as time goes on. They haven’t had any yet but how long will their luck hold out?

That said, I’m very excited to see Captain America: Civil War and I’ll probably go and see it on the day it’s released. Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice I’m less excited about though. I’ll go and see it but whenever I get a chance and I think that neatly sums up how I feel about both films and both franchises over all.

At the end of the day though both these films will be a commercial success and both MARVEL and DC Comics will make a huge amount of money from them. Neither of them are going away any time soon and as long as people keep going to see the films, the studios will keep on making them.

So which do you prefer, MARVEL or DC? Let me know by following me on Twitter or Facebook and letting me know, and if you’d like to see more stuff from me then make sure you sign up to my Mailing List.



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