Over And Out – Official Music Video

There comes a point in every journey where you realise your not just starting out anymore. You’ve been on the road for a while, you’re a bit more clear of what your doing and how to survive. Taking the first step is the hardest part and you’ve accomplished that, you’re not a novice anymore and, while there’s still much of the journey to go, you’re a bit more confident in yourself when you look back on everything that you’ve done so far. That’s what my song Over And Out is broadly about.

More specifically it’s also about a ceremony and performance, also called Over And Out, that takes place each year at The BRIT School for the graduating musical theatre students. Each student gets a couple of minutes where the stage is theirs for them to use however they see fit and when it was my turn back in 2010, I performed this song. It’s not just about me, it’s about everyone who was part of the musical theatre strand while I was there and knowing that very soon we’d have to say goodbye. It’s centred around that happiness of knowing what we had done together over the last two years but also the sadness of knowing that our time here was at an end, that soon we’d all be leaving and it would be unlikely that we’d all be in one room together again.
I’ve often said how my A New View EP was heavily based around my experiences at The BRIT School and Over And Out cuts the closest of all those songs. Not only was it written for and performed at the school but it was directly about my school year, my friends and the things we’d been through together. There’s even a few references in the lyrics of the song itself; Hear My Song was the first thing we performed as a year group within days of joining the school and Oklahoma and Parade were the two musicals we performed in our final year.
But to me Over And Out, both the song and the performance, was never a definite ending. Yes, it meant that our time here was Over, so lets celebrate the good times we’ve had before we each go Out into the world to continue our own separate journeys. Studying at The BRIT School was the first major step in my journey and A New View was the first major step in my music career, but both journey’s continued on after I left those times behind. After I left The BRIT School I was lucky enough to perform at The Young Vic, take a show to The Edinburgh Fringe Festival, tour round the country in a full scale Musical production and now in about a month I’ll be ready to release my second EP. I’m incredibly grateful for my time at “BRIT”, both for the training I received and for the people I was lucky enough to meet and spend time with while I was there – without any of that I wouldn’t be where I am today.
The music video for Over And Out is simple just like the original track. In fact when I recorded the song I kept it as similar to my original performance as possible – just solo voice and piano. There were no fancy arrangements or epic effects when I first performed the song so the recording felt like it should stay true to that. The video continues along that theme, it’s simply just me and a lovely upright piano in my little home studio. Really it’s me saying goodbye to the A New View era – as pretentious as that may sound. It was the sole focus of my attention for a long time and this will be the last thing I release in connection with it. Next month I’ll be moving on to start the promotion of my new EP Regeneration but that collection of songs would never have happened without everything I learned while making A New View.
It’s been a fun ride but it’s time to get off and change trains. I hope you enjoy the video and keep an eye out for the new stuff coming very soon. If you like the song it’s now available for download from iTunes, Amazon and CD Baby along with the rest of the EP. Don’t forget to also follow me on Twitter and Facebook if you want to get all the details about upcoming content first!

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