New Year’s Resolutions 2016 – VLOG

Happy New Year Everyone!

I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and an awesome New Year. I’m back from the Christmas break with a brand new Vlog where I’m talking about my New Year’s Resolutions and the various goals I want to achieve this year.

So I wanted to keep the video as short and concise as possible to make it easier for you to watch, but here I’ll be going into just a little more depth about what some of these resolutions mean.

1.) Release an EP.

Ok, so there’s not much more to say here (great start Joe) but I meant it in the video when I said that my 2nd EP ‘Regeneration’ is 99% done. In terms of the actual audio it’s even closer – probably more like 99.999%. I’ve been listening to the EP pretty much on repeat over Christmas and there’s a few tiny edits that I want to make. That said, at some point I’m going to have to shut up shop and decide it’s finished, otherwise I’ll just be forever changing it.

Aside from the audio, the other things left to finish is all stuff like artwork, getting my social media pages and website up to date with the new information, contacting music blogs and magazines about the release and creating some music videos. It’s really all promotional stuff but since I’m the only person working on it, it takes time. You could have the greatest set of songs in the world but if you fail to think about promoting them, the odds are that nobody will ever hear them.

I’ll be announcing a release date for Regeneration pretty soon and it’ll definitely be in the early part of this year. The great thing is that, while I haven’t release any new music for about four years, I never stopped writing songs. That means that after Regeneration I’ve got loads more songs which I can get onto recording straight away! With any luck I might be able to release a second EP towards the end of this year – but lets not get too far ahead of ourselves.

2.) Play more live gigs.

This kinda ties in with my first resolution. Part of releasing new music means wanting to get out there and perform in front of a live audience. I already started doing that last year, in the later part of 2015 I played 8 gigs – which isn’t a huge amount but it’s still a lot more than I did the year before.

In 2016 my plan is to get a band together and play some live shows to help promote the release of Regeneration and generally take my music career to the next level. Again, it’s not going to be easy. Just contacting and talking to venues takes up a huge amount of time and in the end it might all come to nothing but I’m determined to put everything I have into this. It’s the next logical step so I have to do everything I can to make it work.

3.) Shoot a film.

Those of you who have known about me for a while may know that I originally started out as a filmmaker. In fact my YouTube Channel was created to be a hub for all the short films that I make. If you look back to the early videos you’ll see things like Spaceship Street, Backstage Blunders, Decapitated and Being A Superhero which were all made under the name of my independent film company Dulwich Studios.

I first setup my YouTube Channel in 2006 which means it’s a staggering ten years since I started making films! That’s incredible but since I’ve been on tour for a lot of the past few years I haven’t actually released a film since my web series Stars Of The Future in 2011.

I think it’s about time I change that. I never stopped wanting to make films but the fact that I was on tour made it difficult to find the time to actually film them. Couple that with the fact that I started to focus more on my music career and you can see that my YouTube Channel quickly shifts from releasing Short Films to Music Videos.

During this year I want to completely overhaul my YouTube Channel (we’ll get to that in a bit) and as a result now is the perfect time to start making films again. I’ve got plenty ideas of films that I want to shoot and I’m determined to film and release at least one of them before the year is out.

4.) Upload on YouTube more regularly.

If you look at a lot of the bigger YouTube Channels you notice one thing they all have in common. They always have new content. One of the proven strategies to build a following on YouTube is to create a Upload Schedule and stick to it. Not only does it keep the audience coming back to your Channel to watch new videos but the YouTube algorithms look more favourably on your account if you’re putting out regular content.

That’s why I’m planning to start uploading a new video to my YouTube Channel every week. It’s a huge undertaking and I have no idea how long I’ll make it but I’m going to give it a go.

The videos I’ll be releasing will be pretty similar to what I’m releasing now so I’ll still be making the big fancy cover videos you’ve all come to know and love. I’ll also be filming some more acoustic covers (similar to my Tenerife Sea or You Really Got A Hold On Me videos). These covers will be more simple but by having fewer instruments I can get out of the studio more and film in different locations to make the videos more interesting.

In addition to this I also want to film more Vlogs like the one above. I still have to find my feet a bit with Vlogging but rather than just giving you updates I’m planning to be able to speak more freely about whatever’s on my mind or what I’ve been up to recently. Plus if I have any short films to release (fingers crossed) then I’ll be uploading those too.

I’ll try to make it so that there’s a different type of content every week – that way you won’t be inundated with Vlogs while waiting for Music Videos or vice versa. But really, sticking to this weekly upload schedule is just a small part of my overall plan for my YouTube Channel.

I’ve been aware for a while that my Channel has fallen into disarray. The artwork is something I hasty stuck up when YouTube integrated with Google+, the descriptions are filled with out of date information and some of the annotations point to dead links. The Channel is also named Dulwich Studios which was reasonable at the time when all I was uploading were my short films. Even though I plan to start uploading films again, the majority of the content is focussed around myself and so I’m increasingly inclined to rebrand the Channel to reflect this. I’m not entirely decided yet, I still need to do some more research, but expect to start seeing some changes over the coming months.

Well I think that’s all that needs to be said for the moment. As you can see I’ve got plenty to be getting on with this year so wish me luck! As always, if you want to say Hi, make sure you follow me on Twitter and Facebook and if you want to get the news first, sign up to my Mailing List.


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