Clapham OXJAM – Gig Highlights

Hi all,

A few weeks ago I took a major step forward with my music – I performed my songs with my very own band! If you weren’t able to make it to the gig, check out the video above to see some of the highlights!

Having spent most of this year performing my songs as a solo musician I felt it was about time to take it to the next level and so when I was asked to play The Omnibus in Clapham as part of the Oxjam Music Festival it seemed like the perfect opportunity to expand my act.

Joining me are Josh Tye on Bass Guitar and Sheridan Lloyd on Drums who absolutely rocked it all night. We actually turned up to the venue and discovered that only half a drum kit had been provided – perhaps not the best start to our little band – but Sheridan, our Man Of The Hour, played an entire gig using what little he had and still made it sound amazing. We played songs from A New View as well as some new tunes from my upcoming EP and a whole host of fun covers so there really was something for everyone.

This has been a natural progression. For those that saw my set at the Scribe And Chime event, I included Sheridan on the Cajon for that performance. The next step of course was to bring in Josh on Bass and get Sheridan on a full drum kit (…well we might manage a full drum kit next time!). This of course isn’t the end, the Oxjam gig went down pretty well so of course we’re looking at getting some more gigs before Christmas as well as expanding our line up to include more musicians. Who will be joining us? I can’t say yet – you’ll have to come to our next gig to find out!


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