EP Update! VLOG

Hi everyone, so this is my first attempt at filming a Vlog! It’s definitely not as easy as it looks and it took me three attempts to get right. I have a bit of an Update regarding my upcoming EP “Regeneration” and rather than write out a big long Blog Post for my website, I figured it would be much easier (and more fun) to film a Vlog and tell you face to face… or rather face to screen.

Additionally I’m also hoping to start uploading Videos more frequently so that this Channel has a more consistent release schedule. The plan is to upload a new video every Thursday so that there’s always new content for you guys.

I’m still going to be filming Cover Songs and if this video goes down well I’d like to try making more Vlogs as well. I’m also hoping to start shooting Short Films again in the near future so there will be a wide variety of stuff to choose from.

When it comes to my EP, unfortunately I’m having to delay it’s release until the start of next year – for obvious reasons which I explain in the video. Ultimately it’s for the best and means that A.) I don’t have to rush it and B.) I get to take advantage of an amazing opportunity which I also talk about in my Vlog.

I hope you guys understand, it really isn’t going to be much longer but I want this EP to be as good as possible. I’d rather delay it a little longer to get it sounding perfect than put something out now which isn’t up to standard.

I promise you won’t have to wait another 5 years for the EP after this!


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