A History Of Everything – AKA The Big Bang Theory (Theme Tune)

Here’s another snippet from my set at the Scribe&Chime event from a few weeks ago. This is my cover of a song by The Barenaked Ladies called History Of Everything but it’s more commonly known as the theme tune to a TV Show called The Big Bang Theory!

Here I’m performing the full version of the song along with Sheridan Lloyd accompanying me on Cajon. As you can see it’s quite a wordy song, so bonus points for anyone who correctly guesses how many times I get the lyrics wrong!!!
If you missed out on this live performance don’t worry, I’ve got more gigs coming up! Take a look at my previous blog post, and you can see all the appearances I’ve got over the next couple of months.
I’ve also got a cool video coming out tomorrow with lots of details about my upcoming EP so make sure you’re following me on Twitter and Facebook to see that when it’s released. If your lazy, you can also sign up to my Newsletter and have all the latest going’s on delivered straight to you!

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