Upcoming Gigs – OXJAM

Time to announce some more live appearances! Every year the charity Oxfam holds a music festival called Oxjam with events taking places all over the country. There are several happening in London alone and I’m very pleased to announce that I’ll be performing at the following events:

Click on each of the events and you’ll be taken to their official page where you can find the full details and timings for other bands that will be performing. I’ll be playing acoustic sets at both the Brixton and Lewisham events but for the Clapham event I’ll be playing with my very own band which is incredibly exciting and something I’ve been wanting to do for a very long time!
I’ve been itching to play more live gigs for a while and this (along with the Scribe&Chime event last week) feels like a great way to get started. With any luck I’ll be able to organise some more gigs for before Christmas so if you want to be kept in the loop, make sure you’re following me on Twitter, Facebook and sign up to my Mailing List to get all the news before anyone else!

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