Underland – A New Musical

Underland Poster

So a few months ago I was approached about a new musical called ‘Underland’, that was interested in using my song ‘A New View’ as one of the songs in the show. Of course given my history with both writing and performing in musical theatre I was more than happy to let them use the song and was overjoyed that they considered it good enough to be included in the show in the first place. 

Myself and Alan Howell (who had a hand in creating the original concept for the musical) spent some time re-writing about 80% of the lyrics so that it would be a better fit for the characters and the overall story within the show. While I was in Halifax with Dreamboats And Miniskirts I was able to head over to Huddersfield where the show is being performed to visit the company and to spend some time with the girls who will be singing the song. We had an entire morning going through the new version of the song, learning it piece by piece, making it truly their own and generally having a good time singing through the music. They showed nothing but true enthusiasm for the song and their show and by the end of the session they were singing the song as confidently as though they were ones who had originally written it.

Rehearsing the new version of A New View!

Rehearsing the new version of A New View!

‘Underland’ is being performed by Oscars Theatre Academy and opens next Friday, so if you’re in the Huddersfield area I really recommend you go and see the show. These guys are truly talented and you’ll get to see ‘A New View’ reimagined in a whole new way! You can book tickets by calling: 01484545519.

If you can’t make it to see the show, don’t worry, you’ll still be able to hear the new version of A New View! I’ve been hard at work in the studio recording a brand new arrangement of the song with the lyrics that were specially created for ‘Underland’ and that’s going to be released very soon!

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