A New View – Official Music Video – An Epic LEGO Stop Motion Adventure!

Here is the Music Video for A New View, the title track from my Debut EP! Watch now to see the story of A New View told through the art of stop motion using LEGO!

The concept of making a music video for A New View using LEGO figures was an idea I’d had when I was recording the EP but at the time it just wasn’t a feasible option. Stop motion animation is incredibly intense and takes a lot of time to get right and back then I didn’t really have the ability to create something like that.

However, just over a year ago I saw The LEGO Movie and the old concept for my music video resurfaced.  I now had much more time to dedicate to animating soon all my old LEGO sets were brought out of storage and were rebuilt in all their glory.

My first experiences of filmmaking were actually through making LEGO stop motions. When I was 10 I was lucky enough to own The LEGO Movie Maker Kit, which was basically an introduction to stop motion. I never created anything more advanced than a car moving across screen but it kickstarted a career in filmmaking which can be seen by the numerous films and series I’ve created with my production company Dulwich Studios.

This time I was working on a stop motion video that was a thousand times more difficult than anything I’d ever attempted in the past. Expansive sets, the use of green screen, syncing the movement to music and water… yes, water is incredibly difficult to pull off in stop motion!

I spent a lot of the Summer last year holed up in a studio with various LEGO sets shooting my music video, and after about five or six weeks of filming I had all the shots I needed. It was about that time I got drafted into Dreamboats And Miniskirts and so while I was away on tour I wasn’t able to spend much time editing the music video and putting all the shots together.

When I decided to remaster and re-release my EP “A New View” in early 2015 it was the perfect opportunity to release the video. Now that I had a deadline I worked frantically to get it finished. I was editing throughout the day and then heading into the theatre that night to do a show before going back home and editing some more. Finally the video was done and it was ready to release to the world with the EP.

I really hope you enjoy the video because I had a ton of fun making it and I’m looking into making something of a similar style in the future. Hopefully I’ll put together a making off blog post where I’ll go into detail about how I made the video.

Remember if you like the song you can get a Free Download of A New View.

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