COMING SOON: A New View – Remastered

Today I have some very big and exciting news for you. Four years ago I released my debut EP ‘A New View’ and really I just chucked it out into the world. Some of you were kind enough to download and listen to my songs but today I’m announcing the next step in that project: A New View Remastered.

So why am I remastering my songs? Well when I originally set out to record A New View I didn’t really know what I was doing. I gave myself four months to record and mix the songs and the entire time I was working things out as I was going along. As any good audio engineer will tell you, it takes years of practice to get good at mixing so it would have been foolish of me to expect that I would get high quality mixes to rival the big studios on my first try. I was happy with what I managed to achieve at the time but nowadays I listen back to those tracks and all I can think about is how I would mix it differently to make it better.

Finally I got tired of only thinking about how I would make the tracks better, so towards the end of last year I locked myself in the studio for a couple of weeks and remixed and remastered each of the songs from scratch. I’ve learnt a hell of a lot more about mixing since I recorded those tracks and it’s great to listen back to them now and here the difference between the old and the new.

There will also be plenty of new content to go along with this re-release as well. In addition to the four tracks that were originally on the EP, this re-release will include two brand new bonus tracks that have never been heard before. One of them is something completely different to my normal style of writing and the other is a song that very nearly made onto the EP the last time round but was cut at the last minute, so naturally I’m very excited for you to hear them. I’ll also be sharing a behind the scenes look at the EP as well as there being music videos for some of the songs which will be released in the near future.

The new Remastered version of A New View will be released on April the 18th, that’s only a couple of weeks away! Just like before, the entire EP will be free to download from my website so there’s noThis is now part of the run up to the release of my second EP so make sure you help me spread the word as much as possible so that we can get loads of people listening. I’m really excited for all the new content that’ll be coming your way in the next few weeks and over the course of the next couple of months. There’s even more stuff which I’m not able to talk about yet but it’s set to be a really exciting time.

A New View

If you want to keep up with myself and the re-release of A New View make sure you Follow Me on Twitter @JoePituraRiley and Like my Facebook Page. Come and say Hi, I’m always excited to hear from you guys!


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