Tenerife Sea (So In Love) – Ed Sheeran Cover

Hey everyone!

I’m back again with another particularly exciting cover video. Since Ed Sheeran is releasing his brand new album X (Multiply) soon, I thought now would be a great time to have a go at covering one of his new songs.

In the end I decided to record a cover of Tenerife Sea partly because it’s a beautiful song and also because it’s quite acoustic guitar heavy. I’m more of a piano player that a guitar player so working out how to play this song was a real fun challenge, especially since there’s no official recording of the song. I had to work out how to play this song by watching shaky YouTube videos of people filming Ed Sheeran on their phones whilst he performed it at concerts, not the ideal way to do it but better than nothing!

I’ve also been very aware recently that because I film all my YouTube cover videos in my studio, that the videos have been becoming very similar in look. There’s only so many places you can position the camera and there’s only so many ways to composite a shot to make each individual video look a bit different. Over the last few videos hopefully you’ll have noticed that I’ve been trying out some new things to give the videos an extra bit of originality.

For example in my cover of Year 3000 by Busted I had a full lighting setup and started using split screens to show more than one instrument at once. Most recently in my cover Magic from Coldplay’s new album I introduced a few special effects so that the video felt more original.

For my cover of Tenerife Sea I wanted to do something completely different so I went all out and decided to film on location! This wasn’t actually as much of a challenge as I expected it to be and it’s really paid off. Shooting this cover video on the beach right in front of the sea really makes this video stand out and having a dedicated cameraman has made it a lot more interesting too. Not only do you get the beautiful backdrop of the sea but there are also some interesting close up shots that you normally wouldn’t get to see if I was shooting this myself.

All in all I think this is one of my favourite cover videos that I’ve ever made and while I won’t be filming all my videos on location from now on it’s definitely something I want to throw into the mix every so often just to keep things fresh. I have a few ideas on other locations to shoot at and I’m also looking into a portable recording studio setup so that I can potentially take more of my studio equipment out into the sunlight!

Funnily enough this video was more of a side project that came about because I was shooting another video in the same location. That particular project won’t be out for a few months but there’s lots of exciting stuff coming in the build up to that.

Additionally some people have been interested in the chalkboard guitar that can be seen in the video for Tenerife Sea and also briefly in my cover of Magic. The chalkboard guitar is something I made myself and I’m planning to do a full blog post explaining just what I did in case there’s anyone out there who wants to steal my idea and give it a go from themselves!

(I’m also well aware that I still need to do a blog post about the visual effects for Magic too)

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