Year 3000 – Cover Video (Originally by Busted, The Jonas Brothers and McBusted)

Here’s my latest cover for the song Year 3000, originally by the band Busted. It’s also been performed by The Jonas Brothers and most recently by the supergroup McBusted on their UK arena tour.

Since Busted have merged with McFly and set off on a an Area tour as McBusted, I figured I’d have a go at covering one of Busted’s most famous songs, Year 3000. This cover actually started out as a fun little video that I thought I could put together in a day. However, the song sounds simple enough when you listen to it but in the process of trying to recreate it I discovered there’s actually a lot more going than you initially think. The sheer amount of harmonies throughout the song could almost make an a cappella version of Year 3000 themselves. This video is for anyone out there who is disappointed they didn’t get tickets to see McBusted. Turn out your lights, watch the video full screen and pretend your at a concert! I had fun revisiting this Busted song, I hope you all enjoy watching it.


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