Website Update

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Well hello and welcome to Version 2.0! If you’ve managed to find your way here then I can already tell that the navigation system has improved. I created the first version of this website back in 2011 and since then it hasn’t really changed very much. I’ve been wanting to update it for a long time and I’ve finally got round to finding the time to do it.

The old website was great, especially as it was one of my early attempts at building a website, but it wasn’t particularly easy to update. The main site itself focus around a big Flash file, which in hindsight turned out to be a mistake because it couldn’t be viewed on iPhones, iPads or basically any kind of mobile device. Another disadvantage of the site being built in Flash was that it wasn’t easy to update at all. If I wanted to make any kind of change then I would most likely take a day or two of work before it could actually be published.

You’ll be pleased to know that the new site contains no Flash so there’s no waiting around for overblown animations to load and the site can be keep current much more easily. The overall look and design of the site is pretty similar to the original version but I like to think it has evolved into a more sophisticated design which is easier to use. You’ll also notice down the right hand side there are links to my recent Blog posts, Facebook updates and Tweets and on the main site there is also a Sign Up box for my mailing list so you won’t miss out when I release new content or play gigs.

On the topic of social media and keeping up to date with everything, the final major change with this website is this very blog. Previously if I wanted to post a new entry it had to be done from the computer that the website was running on. When I’m on tour or on holiday, that becomes quite a pain since I very rarely have access to that computer. Now though I’ve transferred the entire blog over to new system which will allow me to update my blog from any computer or laptop that is connected to the internet. That means that when I post a video or have a gig to remind you about, I can post about it while it’s relevant.

So I hope you enjoy finding your way round the new website. There’s still a few more features to come which will be appearing over the next month or so but I’ll let you know about them when they come out.

Additionally if you’re not really a website kind of person you can Follow Me On Twitter or Like My Facebook Page which have also been updated to feature the look of my new website.


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