Lost? (Cover) – Originally By Coldplay

I know I have a habit of recording Coldplay covers but you can hardly blame me. When I covered Paradise a few years ago it got over 40,000 views and my more recent cover of Atlas from a few months back has been watched nearly 2,000 times. 

Trying to beat those mildly impressive figures would be a bit pointless so I decided that my next cover of a Coldplay song would be more stripped back. Recently the band have released two brand new songs (Midnight and Magic) and have also announced their sixth studio album ‘Ghost Stories’. Since they’re back in the spotlight now seemed like a good time to put out another cover.

Again this is another video I filmed a while back, although not quite as far back as Let’s Go Fly A Kite, so naturally it isn’t one of their new songs. Instead it’s a cover of Lost which was on their fourth album ‘Viva La Vida or Death and All His Friends’. There’s actually three different versions of this song: ‘Lost!’, ‘Lost+’ and ‘Lost?’. The later of these was an acoustic version of the song with just piano and vocal which was released as bonus track to the album. For some reason I’ve always preferred this version to the original song, despite it’s lack of epic organs and drums. So when I sat down to record a fairly simple Coldplay cover that was the version I tried to recreate. Enjoy.


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