I Have Saved My Last Dance

DSC_0522 - Version 2

I’m officially unemployed! If you happened to read my previous blog post you’ll know that last Saturday was my final performance in Save The Last Dance For Me and now that it’s all died down I thought I’d give you a quick update on life off the road.

Of course I’m sad to have left, it was a great company and a fun little show to be part of, but in some ways I’m really glad to be done. While touring might sound like a lot of fun it does have some disadvantages. Yes, you get to travel to a new city every week and only have to work for a few hours every night but most of the time that means you’re living out of a suitcase in a B&B or the spare room in a strangers house. Because you’re in a different place every week you don’t really get a chance to explore anywhere since you’re usually knackered from the show the previous night, or busy with matinee’s and understudy rehearsals. You also tend to get a bit disorientated. On more than one occasion I actually forgot what city or town I was in.

Touring is great to do for a while but I’d been doing it pretty consistently for nearly 18 months and I was exhausted. Now that I’m finished I’m actually able to think about something other than the show and get back to some personal projects that I’ve had to put on hold for nearly two years. Since my last show I’ve already played a wedding gig with a function band I perform with and we’ve got another event coming soon.

Now that I’ve got more free time I’m able to film cover videos for my YouTube channel a bit more, so keep an eye out for some of those coming soon, and I’m also working on a new film script which I’m hoping to start shooting in 2014. Finally I’ll be be able to finish the EP that I started writing just before I joined the cast of Dreamboats And Petticoats. Having been away from the studio for a while it might take some time before things start picking up, but I can say that all the songs are pretty much written and at least two have been recorded.

So this may be the end of one particular chapter but another chapter is just getting started and if all goes to plan it should contain some pretty interesting surprises.


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