Onesie Time!

With Winter fully into it’s stride and Christmas just around the corner, you may be turning to the Onesie fashion craze in order to keep warm this year. If you’re at home reading this in a Onesie right now you may be wishing that you could dance around your living room in celebration…if only there was a song that could properly sum up your feelings towards Onesies. Well sadly no such songs exsists, until now! 

Tim Driesen and David Ribi have just released their very own Onesie Anthem called ‘Onesie Time’. Even better they recorded it with a huge number of singers who are appearing in shows all over the West End such as Wicked, Loserville, We Will Rock You, Dreamboats And Petticoats, Spamalot, Rock Of Ages and Taboo. It’s even got Christopher Biggins in it!

Still not enough for you? Ok, well I was lucky enough to get the job of filming and editing the music video for the song! Yeah I thought you might take interest in that. So download the song on iTunes ( and give the video a watch to take part in the Onesie Domination! Come on it’s nearly Christmas, have some fun!


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