Skegness: The End


So here we are the final week of the tour, it’s hard to believe we’re here already. It’s been a long week, literally considering that we’ve been back to our eight show routine after only doing three in Luxembourg. It’s clear that everyone was on the final push for the end of the tour.

One of the most anticipated events of the week was the famous Dreamboats Awards Ceremony, a night of comedic awards presented by Matt, our lead guitarist, and Chris, our drummer. It was built up as the best night of the previous tour and so naturally everyone’s expectations were high, which was mildly confusing to me seeing as this time I was involved too. Quite early on in the tour I’d agreed to take care of any bits of filming and editing that might be required for the ceremony and during the last few weeks, specifically in Derby if you recall, all three of us had been busy filming little scenes that would make their way into the ceremony. If I’m honest most of the time that I wasn’t on stage this week was spent editing and rendering videos.

The actual night itself was a huge success. Matt and Chris pulled out a fantastic show packed to bursting point with inside jokes that would make no sense if I repeated them now. More importantly all the technical stuff that I was in charge of went off without a hitch. In a true awards ceremony fashion there was of course an after party which included a pool and, much to my delight, a grand piano. I think at one point I may have ended up playing Bohemian Rhapsody while the half of the cast that weren’t already in the pool sang along.

Of course after the celebrations the end of the week drew nearer and so did the final shows of the tour. Now incase you were wondering, while this is the end of the current tour, a new tour of Dreamboats and Petticoats will start in about a months time. Consider it like a holiday for us. After that we’ll be back and then it’s straight on through to December. Well, I say “we’ll be back” and while that applies for most of us, it doesn’t apply to all of us.

Probably the biggest change to the show will be the absence of David and Sam, our Bobby and Laura, although their Dreamboats story isn’t ending just yet as they’re transferring to the West End to continue their roles. We’ll also be losing Robyn (Sue), Matt (Richard and Lead Guitarist), Tara (Daisy), Rachel (ASM Swing), Andy (Lighting Operator) and Dan (Sound No2 and Fastest Guitar String Changer In The West). It’s been an absolute pleasure working with all of them and while it’s sad to see them go I know that myself and the rest of us still hanging on to Dreamboats wish them the best of luck in whatever they end up doing next.

So that’s it. This is the end of my tour blog at least for the first part of my Dreamboats chapter. Will it return for the next tour? To be honest I have no idea, it really depends on the amount of time I get to write them. You’ll notice that my entries got considerably shorter and more brief the further into the tour we got and that’s mainly down to a lack of time and just general weariness.  While it’s nice to bring you information from the road it doesn’t feel like it’s worth doing if I’m not giving you something worth reading so if I can find the time and energy to do it for the next tour then I will. If I don’t…well you can always follow my inane ramblings on Twitter. For now the Dreamboat is leaving it’s dock and setting sail as it heads towards the sunset on the horizon. Fade down and cue emotional music.


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