Cheltenham/Torquay : The Sun And The Sea

shapeimage_1-8First of all I need to apologise for the lack of a blog last week. Cheltenham was a very busy week and so that combined with the prospect of the holidays coming up meant that I forgot to write a blog post. Sorry, I’m only human.

The good news is that now you’ll get a double post instead. So where to begin, it all seems like such a long time ago. As I mentioned before Cheltenham was a very busy week and there was good reason for this as it was the week of the Gold Cup. For those that don’t know what the Gold Cup is, it’s basically a massive horse racing event that takes place in Cheltenham and people flock to the city from all over the country to bet on horses.

The upside of this was that we had pretty good audiences all week. The downside was finding digs. Cheltenham pretty much makes it’s money on the Gold Cup so of course prices for everything that week go up. Finding somewhere to stay for the week was incredibly difficult and everything had to be booked months in advance. One hotel in Cheltenham even told me that a room for the week would cost over £1000! Thankfully I managed to find a room in a house not to far from the theatre which worked out quite well.

Having said that the madness of the Gold Cup week was more than made up for by the theatre itself. The Everyman theatre is fantastic and I’m not just saying that. All the band boys were together again but we had so much space in such a nice dressing room, that it was actually rather nice hanging out in there. We even had a balcony…well I say balcony, it was more like a door that led out to a flat roof but we called it a balcony and that’s all that mattered!

As for the show itself, Will and Mike were still on as understudies for the entire week. That of course meant that I was continuing to run around in a mad state of frenzy, pushing dodgems, playing trumpets, moving furniture and remembering new dance routines. Of course that’s all part of the fun.

Next we moved on to our final week of the tour before the break. This time we were in Torquay and upon leaving the station I was greeted with the view you see above. The weather in Torquay was fantastic and we really couldn’t have had a better final week to end on before the break. The theatre itself was right on the sea front and our journey in every day consisted of a short walk round the bay, usually in glorious sunshine. To top it off we were all staying together in a lovely set of apartments not far from the theatre, which meant that the whole week felt like a school trip.

There was a really good feeling throughout the company this week, and a sense that the holidays would soon be upon us. There was even a round of crazy golf at one point in which I didn’t do nearly as badly as I expected I would.

The only slight madness was our final day in which we had several understudies on. I ended up on the keyboard playing Andy and while I was bricking it most of the way through the show I did manage to get through both performances without making to many mistakes. To be honest that day was such a blur that I can barely remember what happened. It is very odd feeling looking at scenes and songs that you know so well but all from a different angle. The entire cast deserves a huge well done for getting through two of the most difficult shows we’ve had yet and surviving. It’s amazing how well everyone pulled together to get through them.

Well that’s it for now. I’m locking myself in the studio for the next two weeks whilst everyone else goes off on holiday so I wouldn’t expect to hear much from any of us over the next few weeks. I’ll see you again in Eastbourne, a town I’m looking forward to since I know it quite well, but until then…Farewell.


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