Brighton: Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside


Well it’s been another interesting week on the Dreamboats And Petticoats Tour, but also a rather relaxing week in some ways. Having spent the vast majority of 2012 on the road it was incredibly nice to be able to spend this week at home in London as it was only a 45 minute train journey to get to the theatre each day. Even better was the fact that I didn’t have to worry about digs or boring stuff like where I was going to eat that day. All in all I’ve loved this week in Brighton. We’ve had good weather, we’ve been by the sea and we’ve been in a great little theatre continuing the tour of our great little show. Who could ask for anything better. I think it’s safe to say that I’m in a good mood. 

The main excitement for me this week has been getting back behind a camera. A few weeks ago I was very kindly asked by David Ribi and Samantha Dorrance, better known to you guys as Bobby and Laura, to do some filming for them. It seems they had recorded a cover of ‘Ain’t No Mountain’ and wanted to shoot a music video to accompany it. So one day during the week we headed down to Brighton Pier which had been chosen as the location to film at.

As with every piece of filming I seem to be involved with, problems appeared almost immediately. Despite having great weather for most of the week we unfortunately decided to film on the one day that it rained. Now this isn’t great for the obvious reason that exposing a great big camera to a sudden downpour probably isn’t the best way to treat your equipment. However the original plan for the video was to get David and Sam having a go on all the rides on the pier but since it had started raining the fun fair had been shut down for the day. This resulted in a lot of footage of us wandering round all the rides and inevitably being turned away from them. At one point we even resulted to tempting a pigeon with an oversized lollypop for entertainment…I wish I was making that up.

Thankfully we managed to work out a way to get around it although you’ll have to wait for the video to be released to find out how. All you need to know for now is that the footage we shot looks fantastic and I can’t wait to see the video when it’s finished!

We’ve had more understudies on this week which means I’m back to playing a mixture of Jeremy and Derek, which is always fun, but most importantly a big well done to Will for going on as Ray and to Mike for covering the Bass for the first time. They really had very limited time to prepare themselves before going on and we still played some phenomenal shows. Although it’s always exciting when we have understudies on it does feel a bit odd when someone’s missing and I think everyone wishes Dan a speedy recovery so that he can be back with us soon.

One final thing before I go. Stars Of The Future (you know that mad mock-documentary series set in a drama school that I directed) turned One Year Old on Friday! By a happy coincidence Alex Evans, the co-creator and one of the stars of the series, happened to come and see the show on that same day. Having said that I don’t think we talked about the series that much at all. Anyway it was nice to catch up with him after the show and with any luck you may get to see him back on the Dulwich Studios YouTube Channel sometime in the near future.

And so to the end of another blog. It’s been a great and refreshing week in Brighton with the prospect of lots of exciting stuff on the way. All that remains for me to do is plug a couple of my online presences, so if you’re on Twitter you can Follow Me, and if you’re on Facebook you can Like Me. It’s as simple as that, and then you’ll be kept up to date with my daily ramblings!

Until next time Internet…


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