Scarborough: Rain, Sun And Another Tight Space


Firstly, let me apologise for the lateness of this blog post. Usually I try to get it online by Sunday and it’s already Tuesday. The reason for my lateness is because this is the first time I’ve been home for longer than 24 hours since the tour started. Usually I stop of overnight at home before heading onto the next venue the following morning, but since we’re in Brighton this week, it made sense for me to stay at home.

But enough of this week…you want to hear about our adventures in Scarborough last week.

First of all Scarborough is a very nice seaside town. However it’s in Yorkshire and since it’s ‘Up North’ I was expecting it to rain for most of the week. This comes from countless holidays spent in the Yorkshire Dales seeing my Grandparents whilst rain bounced off the pavements outside. Right on cue, as I left the station the clouds open and rain started to trickle down.

“Oh great”, I thought, “This could be a really miserable week.”

Thankfully it wasn’t and that was the only rain I saw all week. All in all the weather we’ve had in Scarborough has been fantastic, it’s been mostly warm and sunny which has made this week just that bit easier. Being right by the sea has made it feel like more of a holiday than work…if what we do can really be called work in the first place. The photo above was snapped quickly on my way in to the theatre one day as I stepped out of the hotel. I’m not kidding, that really was the view!

This weeks theatre was another odd one, although after the tight spaces of Lowestoft I think we can manage anywhere now. The auditorium itself was huge, it was almost like being back in Southampton, and while the stage was of a good size, the wings were tiny! I’m not kidding, if you ran off stage you’d end up embedded into a brick wall. In fact, the wings were so tiny that we were only allowed to stand in the moments before going on, incase we would be seen by the audience.

If I’m honest the only people it was really difficult for was the technical guys. Since there was no entrance round the back of the theatre to bring the set in, everything had to be brought in through the auditorium. From what I hear the get-ins and get-outs were a nightmare and all credit has to go to the lighting, sound and stage management who got the show up and running.

So apart from that I don’t think there have been many problems. A runaway dodgem without a driver did make an appearance at one point which must have surprised the audience but that was really it. I think we’ve got so used to the show now that we don’t have as many problems anymore…either that or we’ve got better at covering them up!

Right well that’s all I can think of for this week really. I know the last two blogs have been relatively short but I imagine that Brighton will make up for that. At least I hope so because otherwise I shall start to look rather boring. Oh well, on we go.


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