Introducing…The Josef Pitura-Riley Podcast


This is one of the many projects I had an interest of putting into action whilst I’m in Edinburgh. Yes, it’s my very own Podcast. Essentially this is the same as the old Dulwich Studios Podcast (which can be found at but because we were talking so little about the films it made more sense to rebrand it as my own Podcast.

Since I’m in Edinburgh at the moment, the first episode centres largely around the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Show Me The World. Having said that we do end up talking about quite a range of different things and occasionally it is quite funny.

You can listen to the podcast HERE.

In other news the show is going well. It’s really good audiences in at the moment and our tireless flyering seems to be paying off. Yesterday, before the show, we edited one of the scenes I’m in which was a bit too long so we had the extra pressure of trying to remember the new script. Thankfully it all went to plan and the continues to go from strength to strength.

Again this is a very rushed post as I’ve been working on getting this podcast out since Sunday. If you’re at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and haven’t come to see Show Me The World at 12 every day at The Underbelly, then you should really come down. It’s a great show and every audience we’ve had in has throughly enjoy it.

You can also keep up with what I’m doing by following my Twitter account:

Also a quick word on the London Riots. If London is not back to it’s usual self by the time I get back then I’ll set Chris Waller on you!


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