Edinburgh: The Adventure Begins…Now


I have never been so tired in all my life.

Yesterday was a very long day starting at 8:30 with the four hour journey from London to Edinburgh. The journey was remarkably normal. There was a moment of excitement for me when we went through York and saw several steam engines in action including an engine called Olton Hall (more commonly known as The Hogwarts Express). Anyone who knows me will confirm that I am a massive train geek.

Once arriving we had to lug all our luggage off the train and round to the station forecourt in order to get travel passes so that we could get to our accommodation in the nearby town of Musselbrough. We’re actually staying in the university halls just outside the main town but it works well seeing as the station is right next door to us.

Everyone was pretty glad that it was only a short walk seeing as all our luggage was pretty heavy. Thankfully we won’t have to do it again until the end of the month. We had a few hours to get into our rooms before we had to head back into Edinburgh for the tech.

The rooms are actually quite nice and while they’re not the biggest in the world, we have at least all got our own room and bathroom. Mind you, the bathroom is actually the size of a train toilet scaled down by fifty percent so it’s not that fancy.

We then had to be back in Edinburgh for four thirty in order to get our set in the venue. For anyone who doesn’t know how the Edinburgh Festival works, let me just say it’s busy. Because there are so many shows on each venue will have a least five shows, usually more, running throughout the day. So we had to get our set into the building and then up a flight of stairs and finally into the room where we would store everything when we our show wasn’t on.

A few hours later we got into the actual space where we would be performing. We managed to get set up and sort out all the technical problems in good time before starting a tech run of the show, stopping to sort out any problems that showed up.

By the time we finished it was about half past ten and everyone was pretty tired. Somehow we made it back to the station with enough time to catch the last train back to Musselbrough. Not long after that I was asleep in my room.

Today we’ve already done our first show of the run and surprisingly it wasn’t completely empty. There were a good few people in, which we found mainly through flyering yesterday and early this morning. There was more flyering to be done after the show in order to try and get an audience for tomorrow, and then after a quick lunch it was back to Musselbrough for more rest.

I apologise if this post has been a bit disjointed but I really am very tired. I’ll probably try and update sometime next week once I’ve got into a rhythm of what I’m actually doing. Right now my time is pretty much taken up by flyering, performing and sleeping.


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