Theatre 503 and Edinburgh


I must start by saying a big thank you to everyone who came down to the London preview of Show Me The World at Theatre 503 last Thursday. You were a fantastic audience and somehow we managed to completely sell out too, which is always a bonus.

There’s only one location left on our national tour (which is what I jokingly like to call it) and that is Edinburgh. More specifically the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. As I type these words the set, props and costume are trundling their way up the country in a van and the rest of the company including myself will be heading up there on Wednesday.

So does this mean that I’ll be going dark for the month? Will the stress of promoting and performing in a show every day keep me so busy that I will have no choice but to drop everything else?

Well not entirely. Obviously the show must come first since that’s what I’m up there to do, but I do have a few plans for things I want to do while I’m there. On the surface Dulwich Studios has been fairly dark since the series finale of Stars Of The Future. At the moment I cannot say anything about the future of the studio, like what the new big project will be or if there will even be a new big project. However I can say that while I’m away I will be working on possible projects for the studio. Note the use of the word ‘possible’ which means that the last sentence doesn’t actually contradict the one before it (just for a change).

I’ll also continue to update this website, or at least this blog, while I’m in Edinburgh. The majority of yesterday was spent transferring the website over from the Studio computer to my little laptop. Well in truth the actual transferring took very little time. It was getting it to work that was the problem! Anyway if you’re reading this now you can rest assured that everything is working fine. The only reason I won’t update is due to a lack of time or technical knowledge of how to update while I’m on location.

Hopefully I’ll also be able to continue writing music while I’m up north. Those of you who have seen the show will know that I play the guitar in a couple of key scenes, so naturally I’ll have a guitar with me. I’m also hoping that I can smuggle one of my smaller keyboards up which means that I won’t go insane. No really, if I don’t play a piano for a while then I start to get twitchy! Don’t expect there to be a new EP on the way because there isn’t, but if I have time I might end up writing the odd song which may see the light of day sometime in the future. I’ve also recorded a few videos of me playing a few songs. My cover of You’ve Got A Friend In Me is already up on the Dulwich Studios YouTube account and there may be a few more along the way.

In addition to that I do have some other tricks up my sleeve which I’m not ready to talk about yet, mainly because I have no idea if it will work or if I can actually get it done. If it does happen, you’ll know about it and it could be something that continues on after Edinburgh.

So there you go, I’ve got plenty of plans, hopes and dreams of stuff that I’d like to get done while in Edinburgh. I don’t think I’ll get round to doing all of them, that’s if I actually start any of them, but whatever happens I’m going to be just as busy as I would be if I was in London.

I think that’s everything. Really this post has just been a test to see if I can actually run the site from my laptop. As I said before, if you’re reading this, clearly I can. The next time I write one of these it will probably be from Edinburgh so I’ll have lots more to talk about.

Until next time.


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