Where Will I Be This Summer?


This is really another quick update just on what I’m doing over the next few weeks. I’m amazed I’ve found the time to even write this seeing as since the EP got released I’ve been on the go pretty much all the time.

Show Me The World is the main priority at the moment as it’s main run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival is now only a few weeks away. While most of my friends will be jetting off to Spain or Greece for their Summer holidays I’ll be sheltering from the rain in Edinburgh. Oh well it’s a good show with a good team supporting it and it’d be great if you could come and see us during the run at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival.

The show is particularly good for anyone who is into their music as well. The soundtrack is great and it has to be when the play is set against an imaginary 2012 Glastonbury Festival. It features the music of Blur, The Smiths and Muse (unfortunately not live) but rest assured there will be singing throughout the show…even if it is drunken singing.

The show’s had a bit of a re-write for Edinburgh so that it runs tighter and while it’s now a little bit shorter it’s definitely a lot better. Without trying to give to much away there is a more definitive through line for each of the character. Blimey, I sound like I’m writing an essay for GCSE Drama! Anyway, while some scenes have been cut completely there are new moments that I really can’t wait to start rehearsing. Speaking of which I’d better get back to rehearsals.

You can book tickets for the Edinburgh run of Show Me The World HERE.

Also if you can’t make it to Edinburgh there will be a London preview at Theatre 503 on the 28th of July. You book tickets for that performance HERE.


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