A New View: EP Release Date Announced


I’m not very good at setting new years resolutions. Most of the time I don’t get round to making them until the end of January and they usually get forgotten a few days later. But this year I was slightly more organised.

As we passed from December to January I had already set my two resolutions. The first was to learn to play the violin…errm I’ll let you know how that’s going some other time, but more importantly I decided that I would record an EP that would comprise of a small selection of the songs I had written over the past year.

At first not much happened and I came perilously close to forgetting the whole thing. Rehearsals for Show Me The World began in earnest and it was difficult to find time to even think about recording something.

Then I ended up playing some of my songs at a few gigs and thankfully people seemed to like what I was doing. Work on the EP started again (even though it hadn’t really started at all before) and my tiny little studio came to life.

Now, several months later, I am very happy to announce that my EP called A New View will be released on:

4th July 2011

But it gets better. We’re in a recession and times are hard which is why when the EP is released on this site in one weeks time it will be…completely free!

Enjoy your week and be sure to check back here on Monday to download the EP. You might as well, it is free after all.


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