Show Me The World…Well Brighton Will Do For Now


So you may have noticed a slight change to the site. According to the message in the top right corner of the homepage I am no longer appearing in ‘Stars Of The Future’ but in something called ‘Show Me The World’.

“What is this?” I hear you ask.

Well it’s a brand new play that’s been written by Simon Vinnicombe and it’s premiering this Friday as part of the Brighton Fringe Festival. I’m in it along with a whole group of BRIT School students and I just thought I’d let you all know before I head down to Brighton tomorrow for the final rehearsals!

I’d love to tell you what it’s about but I’m scared that I’ll give something away that I shouldn’t so I’m going to borrow some text of the flyer:

‘Show Me The World’ explores how the image we project in cyberspace reconciles with our reality. Teenagers feel the need to connect yet fewer and fewer are doing so. Scenes smash into one another as stories spill across the stage. The play follows several young people as they move from the virtual world to the social rite of passage at The Glastonbury Festival 2012.

Interested? Here are some details (also taken off the flyer).

Friday 27th May 7.30pm

Saturday 28th May 3pm and 7.30pm

Sunday 29th May 7.30pm

Tickets £7.50, (£5.00 Concessions)

Brighton Media Centre Gallery

Friese-Greene House 15-17

Middle Street



I think it’s a pretty damn good show but then I’m biased. You can book tickets online here:

I expect to see you all there!


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