So this is my own personal blog. I’ve never had one of these before and I’m a bit worried I’ll run out of stuff to talk about after the first few posts, but never mind. As I type this I’m desperately hoping that uploading this site to the internet will actually work.

I like technology and iPods and phones and cameras and pretty much anything else that’s shiny and new, but I’m not very good at understanding it. It’s great if it works but if it fails I’m completely hopeless. For example my wireless internet has worked fine for the past few years. The odd hiccup here and there but nothing that switching it off and on again wouldn’t fix. However last week when I was on my laptop it just failed on me. I dutifully tried restarting the whole thing but nothing happened and I had no idea what to do. WiFi was fine on my phone and on my studio computer but the laptop just wouldn’t connect. Well I spent the rest of the week trying to work out a solution but, despite the ridiculous amount of hours  I spent trawling through internet help forums for an answer, nothing worked. That is until I switched it on the following morning to try again and it just automatically connected. No reason, no explanation, it just did it. I still have no idea what happened and I don’t think I ever will.

Anyway I’ve got slightly off the point. What I’m trying to say is that I hope that by the time this website reaches your computer screen it will look half decent and won’t have been replaced by a series of numbers and letters. Obviously as you’ll have seen from the home page, the whole site isn’t live yet but it will be in time. When the full version is launched it should look quite spectacular. That’s what I hope anyway.

I also hope to be posting on here relatively regularly. I doubt I’ll be able to manage a blog post a week but I certainly shan’t let the months roll by until I sit down to write another blog. Of course if there are any shows or events that I’m part of I’ll let you know on here or you can follow me twitter @JoePituraRiley. I’m fairly new to twitter and haven’t quite worked it out yet so give me time and patience. That said I could always do with a few more followers.

So until next time and hopefully by then the full site will have been launched.


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